Isis vom Haus Crawford

DOB: 06/25/2013
Hips: OFA Good / Normal Elbows
Titles: BH

Sire: Darth Jedi vom Haus Crawford, Working Police K-9 (Fort Worth, Texas)
Dam: Red Bone vom Haus Crawford MR2, BH, CGC, NADAC TN-N, TN-O, TN-E, NAC, NJC


Isis is a brood female for Vom Haus Crawford kennel. She is the daughter of Redbone, our foundation female. Isis is super social with kids and adults, social with other dogs and very stable in all environments. She has a genetic very full and calm grip. In protection she is not equipment oriented, fights like a male and loves to dominate the helper. She has a very balanced temperament with an off switch when she is not working, she is a great house dog. Isis has produced very promising dogs for IPO sport and for police work.


Isis as a puppy

Isis as a puppy

Health Certificates


Isis - protection 1 - April 2015

Isis - protection 2 - April 2015

Isis - protection 3 - April 2015